Personal Financial Counselling Form

The Personal Financial Counselling Form Allows Us To Determine What The Best Home Loan Options Are For You!

We will review your Personal Financial Counselling Form information and, with your input as to the maximum you want to pay monthly for mortgage payments, realty taxes and utilities, we will design the right mortgage to fit your personal needs and comfort zone.

Note.. the mortgage amount that you will determine after this analysis may NOT be as large as the amount the bank is willing to lend you. Oftern buyers are uncomfortable taking on too large a debt and their monthly payment 'comfort zone' turns out to be much less than originally proposed by a typical bank. Other buyers however may want/need to take as much mortgage as the bank is willing to give them. There is no right or wrong...just whatever works best for you!

Please fill in the following details and send us your Personal Financial Counselling form. As part of the home buying process, it is critical that you know exactly how much you can afford for your mortgage financing. 

If you were referred to us, please let us know their name so we can thank them.